Monarch butterfly, El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary in Mexico. Photo Credit: Astrid Frisch

It’s spring! Such a lovely time of year. :) And it’s almost time for one of my very favorite creatures to show up: butterflies!

I was talking to my Ma today and asking when the Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillars would be back in her flowerbeds. They are so cute and fat. And of course, they turn into gorgeous butterflies. But you have to plant their favorite food: Pipevine! Ma found this out from a neighbor and planted some last year.

We started discussing how to attract more butterflies to our yards/flowerbeds/gardens. I did some Googling and here are some links. A few are specifically about Monarch butterflies. Enjoy!

Reminds me of the time Dave and I had such a great time at the “Butterfly Extravaganza” in 2008 with the monarch! Read about it here.

Real Love…

john 316 valentine-sweet

THE banquet!

It’s time for THE banquet… the annual Valentine’s Banquet at our church, of which I’ve appointed myself chair for the past three years. That’s because it’s a fundraiser for Impact Student Ministries.

I wrote a post about it on the Impact blog. Check it out!

What the word?

The word of the year for me is Action.

Last year was the year of preparation and planning… really, maybe the last two years. But this year is the year to get on with it, the year to get it done, the year to execute the plan, the year for forward motion, the year to boldly step into the plans and purposes of God! As my best friend Debbie would say, it’s time to strap my boots and get to steppin’! Let’s do this.

This is specific to my own life but it’s also a role I think God’s called me to this year. I believe I’m supposed to be an accelerant, catalyst or motion-maker for others, too. So careful telling me about your dreams and plans this year — I might just light a fire under them! Ha.

What’s the word of the year for you for 2015? What are you planning to do with that vision God’s given to you???

I love this scene from The Bell’s of St. Mary’s!!! It really gets to the heart of Christmas. :)

Read this funny article today and thought I’d share part of it here and link to the rest. Enjoy!


Tis the season for archaic English
Confused by “God rest ye merry, gentlemen”? Of course thou art!

‘Tis the season to use old-fashioned English!

“O come, all ye faithful…”

“Lully, lullay, thou little tiny child…”

“Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning…”

The holidays are for old carols, old scripture readings, and various emulations of merry olde England. This makes it a dangerous season.

Dangerous? Yes. There are conjugation accidents all over the place. People just don’t know how to handle the ye and thee and thou, the –est and –eth. They put the wrong thing in the wrong place, and the next thing thou knowest, someone getteth hurt.

To reduce the carnage, I have put together this handy little instruction manual for the use of archaic pronouns and conjugations.

Read the rest here…

Here’s the annual “forcing the pets to sit by the Christmas tree ” photos! Ha. But first, here’s the Christmas tree. Enjoy!

20141207_155126 20141207_145451 20141207_155235


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